A Sneak Peak into my Holiday Wish-list

A Sneak Peak into my Holiday Wish-list

This year, my Holiday Wish list is more refined, purposeful, and well thought out as I continue to buy with intention. In 2020 I’m focusing on items that will take me through the whole year, and add value to my life. Here is a sneak peek of my Wish List this year!  


Item #1: Blank Sleeveless Ribbed Mock Dress in Black

This is the perfect LBD with a sleek mock neck and side slit the versatility is endless, and the femininity is perfect for not only the Holidays, but for work and date nights. Pair the dress with boots for a daytime look, or heels for a dressed up nighttime look.


Item# 2: Apple iPad Pro

Being a blogger means I need a device I can carry with me that enables me to produce content when creativity strikes. The iPad Pro is everything I need in one small package, so I can blog with ease and consistency while on the go or at home.   


Item# 3: Blank Basic Wider Neck Ribbed Tee in Grey

This piece can be worn many ways through all seasons, alone for warmer weather outfits or a layering piece in the fall and winter. I adore the simplicity, versatility and structure. As a neutral tone this item would go with anything in my wardrobe, I’ve paired it with black pants for a timeless casual look.   


Item# 4: Rose Toronto Organic Face Oil & Organic Clarifying Serum

Skincare is of huge importance to me, and Rose Toronto is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while now. They are female founded, cruelty-free, locally made, sustainable, free trade, and organic- everything that’s considered a must when I purchase a beauty product.


Item# 5: Asymmetrical Maxi in Dark Mauve

A statement item in your wardrobe this maxi is beautifully designed with a V-neck in both the front and back, and an Asymmetrical cut at the bottom. Perfect for wearing with boots to show off the calf, this dress flows nicely with a thicker material for colder days. I paired this dress with a thin black turtleneck, and cream boots for a cozy daytime look.  


Thanks for reading! I hope this sneak peek gives you some inspiration for your Holiday shopping this year!



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