How I Travel with BLANK!

How I Travel with BLANK!

Ahhh, a nice relaxing vacation - doesn't that sound great?! Or maybe you're into the outdoors and adventure? Wherever your dream destination, we all know there's one thing that can be tough about traveling... no, not booking plane tickets, or the flight itself... I'm talking about PACKING!

Over the years I've become a better "packer" - not the best, but better. I used to be someone who would bring the largest suitcase allowed, fill it with every possible outfit option (what if it rains, what if it snows, what if it's colder than I anticipate, or hotter - GAH!)... and then end up wearing the same 3 things. I made a commitment to myself to be better about traveling light... er.

The biggest tip I can give to someone whose looking to pack a smaller suitcase, is to focus on basics that can be worn multiple ways. BLANK makes this super easy, with their versatile pieces, so packing can be more about what we're doing on vacation, than what we're wearing.
Of course I'll be packing PJs, undies, toiletries - but here are the main wardrobe items I'd bring to either the beach or the mountains:
- Black BLANK Ribbed Tank Top
- Black BLANK Sleeveless Ribbed Mock Dress
- White Tank
- Loose Button-up
- Denim Shorts
- Linen Pants
- Knit Sweater
- Sandals
- Sunhat
- Bathing suit

Denim shorts and my BLANK tank top are perfect for a day the at beach, going on excursions, or just exploring in the sunshine. Later, if I'm heading somewhere fancier for dinner, the sleeveless ribbed mock dress is the perfect lightweight midi for wherever the night takes me. These items can be mixed and matched - knot a button-up over a dress for a totally different look, or pair your linen trousers with a tank for a sophisticated OOTN.
- Black BLANK Long Sleeve Ribbed Mock Neck
- White BLANK Basic Wider Neck Ribbed Tee
- Fleece Turtleneck
- Jeans
- Black Denim
- Wool Cardigan
- Blazer
- Boots
- Beanie
- Winter Jacket

Maybe I'm snowshoeing, maybe I'm just at the bar "apres-skiing"... whatever I'm doing, the BLANK ribbed mock neck long sleeve tees are the perfect cold-weather base layer. For a dressier look, I paired it under a blazer, but kept on my snow-appropriate boots for a cool-girl vibe. If I'm checking out ski-town, the basic ribbed tee works perfectly under a cozy cardigan for added warmth without getting too sweaty (if you know what I mean).
Wherever you're going, whatever you're doing, there is sure to be a BLANK style that not only travels well, but will provide maximum vacation enjoyment, and make packing, and getting dressed while you're there, that much easier.
How are you bringing BLANK with you on y our next trip?! Let us know in the comments.


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