How to Wear White After Labor Day

How to Wear White After Labor Day

It's 2019 and it's time to throw that old rule out the window. Yes - you CAN wear white after Labor Day! In fact, you can wear it all year long - pants, blouses, sweaters, shoes... wear that white whenever you want! These days, anything goes in fashion - there are no rules, and we don't need to put our personal style into a box or give it a "label". If you want to wear leggings as pants, socks with sandals, mix masculine and feminine silhouettes, or yes, wear white after Labor Day... DO IT!
Whether you're ready to camouflage into the snow bank, or you're not sure how to pull it off... here are a few looks to help you navigate the bright and the white in the cooler months.

Start at the Bottom - Now (that) We're Here

BLANK Basic 3/4 Sleeve Ribbed Tee, blazer, shorts, booties
Dip your toes into the trend (literally) and start with a crisp pair of white booties. I promise they'll go with EVERYTHING. They're essentially an elevated white sneakers, which I am clearly obsessed with. Wear them with jeans, dresses, trousers, shorts - you name it, they'll pair perfectly with it. Here I chose to dive into the WALB (White After Labor Day) trend a little more with a pair of flowy, ivory shorts that pull the off-white tones in my blazer. The BLANK 3/4 ribbed tee is the perfect piece to pair under blazers when you need just a bit of extra warmth - plus, the sleeves are the perfect length to scrunch up the jacket sleeves without seeing your base layer underneath!

Wear the Pants - the WHITE Pants

BLANK Ribbed Tank Top, blazer, white jeans, heels
If you're a white jean lover like I am, fear not - they CAN work in the colder months! Actually, pairing white denim/trousers with darker tones is one of my go-to combos for Fall/Winter. After all, black and white really is the most iconic, right? Break up the white bottoms with layers of black, brown or gray. I matched my shoes to my tank to make the look cohesive, and popped a very autumnal blazer on top. The Blank ribbed tank has a lower neckline, if you want to play up some fun jewelry with the look.

"Dress" Up Those Layers

BLANK Basic Long Sleeve Ribbed Tee, floral summer dress, white sneakers
If you're somewhat uncomfortable with winter whites, but want to give it a go... try incorporating a layer of white as an accent, and not the main focus of your outfit. Layer a long sleeve white tee under a summery dress to get more wear out of your floral prints, or layer a white sweater under a denim jacket. Subtle white accents are just as chic as making them the star of the show! The dress is the show-stopper here, but the long sleeve tee underneath covers me up and allows me to forego a jacket (for now). The BLANK long sleeve tee is perfect for layering under flowy dresses because it's fitted and won't bunch up!

Don't Hold Back - Go ALL Stick of Butter

BLANK Slip Skirt, white sweater, white heeled sandals
Yes, this is referred to as a "Stick of Butter" look (no, I didn't make that up). An all white outfit is right up there as one of the most chic ways to wear the shade, and one of my personal faves. If you're not comfortable going super stark head-to-toe, opt for an all-cream/off-white get up, or mix various shades of white in one look like I did here. The BLANK slip skirt is a great piece to take you into the colder months because the fabric doesn't lend itself to one season - a shinier fabric works just as well in the Summer as it does in the Fall!
What are your favorite ways to wear white throughout the year?!

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