Sage Velour Ruched Skirt


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Velour Ruched Skirt

Features an incredibly flattering high-waisted silhouette with velvet material and ruched design in the front.

Hand Wash

    Model is approximately 5' 7" and wearing a size Medium

    *Just an FYI: because we make our clothes by hand, each piece might be slightly different from the picture. Sizes might also vary for each item so remember to check the measurements.

    95% Polyester

    5% Spandex

    Waist Length
    XS 32" 32 3/4"
    S 34" 33"
    M 36" 33 1/4"
    L 38" 33 1/2"
    XL 40" 33 3/4"
    XXL 42" 34" 

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