With a bountiful holiday season coming up, you may be wondering what to wear for all those different party occasions. 

Do I dress up? 
Dress down?
Do I go casual or formal? 
Which colors are best?
Which styles work for which events?
And so on!


It’s totally understandable and we totally feel you- choosing that perfect outfit can be daunting! But as usual, Blank has got you, girl!

With the amazing wardrobe staples we offer, you’ll never find yourself out of options! 

Read on to get those perfect tips and tricks for stealing the show, at any upcoming holiday party, with ease and comfort. 

There are many different kinds of holidays, and parties, so let's discuss some possible combinations:




First up! 

1: Thanksgiving, November 23:


A- Formal Thanksgiving party wear:


Who doesn't love an enjoyable, scrumptious Thanksgiving get-together? You're excited to show up, but you want to make a beautiful entrance. No worries! Thanksgiving calls for warm tones of burgundies, greens, and browns. If it's a formal party you're heading out to, take a look at this awesome outfit suggestion: 


what to wear for thanksgiving

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B-Casual Thanksgiving party wear:


For a more casual thanksgiving get together, you still want to dress your best, but you'd like to keep it a bit more relaxed in nature. Combining the following ensemble will give you just the vibes you're looking for: 

 what to wear for thanksgiving party , modest thanksgiving outfit ideas


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Next up!:

 2: Hanukkah, December 7:


A-Formal Hanukkah party wear:

For a formal Hanukkah party, show up in your best style by sporting an elegant, winter-inspired ensemble. Channel a wintry and sophisticated vibe by pairing together a beautiful works-with-everything dress and some glamorous accessories. Take a look at this perfectly curated outfit suggestion:


what to wear to a hannukah party, holiday wear ideas


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B-Casual Hanukkah Party wear:


Hanukkah Party being more casual? You might want to keep your look simpler, yet still remain festive. Be prepared to wow your fellow party-goers,  with this excellent outfit choice, which manages to be casual yet dramatically festive, all at once:

 what should I wear to a chanuka Hanukkah party? best outfits for holiday party

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And then:

3: Christmas, December 25:



A-Formal Christmas party wear:


Christmas is all about the pretty fabrics and some lovely bling. If the party you've been invited to is formal in nature, consider a beautiful classic dress that you can dress up with show-stopping accessories, particularly ones in gold or other festive hues. This perfect ensemble fits just that bill: 


modest christmas outfit ideas, holiday party dresses

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B-Casual  Christmas party wear:


Heading out to a more casual Christmas soiree? You'll want to tone it down a bit, but still keep it happily festive! In order to step into the venue wearing a perfect combination of casual and glam, save yourself time and effort and check out these perfect classic yet colorful options:  


casual christmas party wear, what to wear this holiday season 

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 And finally, last but not least:

4:  New Year's, December 31/January 1



A-Formal New Year’s party wear:

At a formal New Year's party, dramatic elegance and glam are called for. It's a new year, and you want to revel in that spirit, all the way! Dark colors such as grey and black, paired with silvers and metallics create that perfect evening drama you're aiming for. Go ahead and take some tips from this gorgeous suggestion:

 perfect outfit for new year's eve party, formal new years party outfit trends


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B- Casual New Year’s party wear:


It’s casual, yeah, but it’s still New Year's! You'll want to keep it fun, yet classic enough to portray the festive spirit of a brand new year! May we present this perfect combo- a casual, comfy yet epically beautiful dress, paired with dramatic and eye- catching accessories: 


adorable outfits for new years party, best clothing for holiday parties 


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So there you have it- Start looking forward to those parties-pronto! Your wardrobe is all set-just bring yourself and your  smile;).


You’re welcome!



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