The five body types-Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, and Inverted triangle- and how to dress the best way, for each.

Did you know that you can follow an easy trick to look your best at all times? Not many women are aware, but most women’s body shapes fall under a few specific types- and knowing your type and how to dress well for it, will take pounds off you, and showcase your best figure. 

The five most common body shapes, which most women fall under, are as follows:

Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle , and Inverted triangle.

Apples, pears? You may be scratching your head now thinking “is this an article about grocery shopping?” Triangles, rectangles…”or math?”

Well, worry not, we’re not going back to geometry class, or on a trip for groceries. These terms actually refer to different shapes of the body that look like the words that describe them. For example, an apple shaped body is wider at the waist, smaller on top and bottom, sort of like an apple shape,  while an inverted rectangle  figure will be bigger on the top and slimmer on the bottom, just like a triangle, and so on….

Before we go into detail on each type, what it is, and how to dress for it, You may be thinking how will this help me?

It’ll help you in more ways than one!  Being unaware of your shape, and the techniques to enhance them, might make you  tempted to cover up problem areas to look slimmer, but that’s not always the best thing to do- it may have the opposite effect! Not knowing your shape, may be causing you to dress the complete opposite than what your body shape requires, inadvertently putting extra width and bulk on your figure that you may be easily able to avoid.

Therefore, knowing what your shape is, and how to dress properly according to it, will help you look and feel your best, and make the most out of your figure.

Another perk-It’ll  make shopping from now on much quicker and easier, since once you’ll know what items work for your shape and what doesn’t, and you can quickly rule out clothes that won’t work while snagging exactly the ones that do!

So what are we waiting for? Let's dive in on the details and help you get ahead of the dressing game asap!

Read on to learn your body type, how to dress for it, and the best clothing recommendations for each.






What is an apple figure?


-A waist that isn’t defined, 

body shapes blog, how to dress for an apple figure

-Weight that tends to form on the stomach area.

-An average to large bust size.


How should I dress for an apple figure?

The goal here is to define your  waist, while drawing attention away form the belly area. Aim to skim over your tummy area completely, or to re-define where your mid-section is. How do you redefine your waist? The best way to do that is to find the thinnest point on your midriff, and treat that as your 'waist'. Tie your belts there, wear your skirt waist there and so on.  Even though it is not your natural waist and actually a little higher up, it may be slimmer than your natural waist and therefore a better spot to highlight.  

Clothing suggestions for Apples: 


-Tummy skimming tops/babydoll style tops

-Tops with vertical stripes

-Tops with wide sleeves that end below the tummy area, 


-High waisted a-line skirts that sits at your thinnest section

-Skirts or bottoms with vertical striping.


-Dresses with vertical striping

-Dresses with a belt that can be worn at your thinnest point


-belts at your thinnest section, 

-large earrings that draw attention upwards, 

-pretty shoes like wedges that lengthen your legs and pull attention away from your midriff 

-A bright colored handle top bag carried down beside the leg

 How to dress for an apple figure

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What is a Pear figure?

-A lower body that is proportionately larger than the upper body. 

pear shaped figure

-Slimmer waist, wider hips. 

-Shoulders and bust are smaller than hips

-generally needs a size larger for bottom than top


How should I dress for a  Pear figure?

It's best to try to even out proportions by drawing more attention to upper body (neckline, bust, shoulders and defined waist) while de-emphasizing and slimming  lower body (hips and thighs). 

Clothing suggestions for pears:


-High, closed necklines, crewnecks, mock necks, turtlenecks and boat necks

-Light color Tops

-tops with ruffles, bold prints, horizontal stripes, embellishments or patterns.

-tops with gathered or puffed sleeves

-tops with bust pockets

- jackets, tops and dresses with well-defined shoulders


-Dark colored bottoms (not just black-navy, burgundy, chocolate, charcoal, plum, dark green, and deep rust work well too)

-Flared from waist or A-line bottoms

-waisted dresses and skirts which hide hips and give dimension by waist

-avoid tapered or straight bottoms

-Avoid embellishments and prominent pocket details on bottoms.


-vertically striped or a-line dresses

-waist defining dresses


-chunky earrings and necklaces to bring eye upwards

-Shoes that match your skin color to elongate, or ballerina shoes with pointed toes

 how to dress for a pear shaped figure

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What is an Hourglass Figure?  

hourglass figure

 -hip and bust measurements nearly equal in size

-narrower waist measurement.

-Slightly round shoulders

-Small and defined waist

-Bottom and hips are rounded

-Bigger thighs

-Weight gains typically distribute evenly throughout the body


How should I dress for an Hourglass figure?

Follow your natural silhouette by proportionally dressing the top and bottom of the body while accentuating the waist. Ensure that you don't unbalance the body frame by making it either top- or bottom-heavy. Choose clothing that shows off your curvy silhouette. Simple, clean, and well-fitted garments, which don't clutter up the silhouette are great. Steer clear of straight cuts and boxy styles that hide the waist, as well as shapeless and loose clothing. 

Clothing suggestions for Hourglass:


-Fitted blazer 

-Fitted blouse tops and tees

-Tucked in tops

-Waisted tops


-pencil skirts 

-Aline bottoms

-Waisted or above waisted bottoms

-avoid bottoms that sit at hip. 

-Avoid bottoms that have details by hip 


-fitted at the waist but flow gently out through the chest and hip.

-fitted or slightly tapered dresses

-Avoid boxy shaped dresses


-Short necklaces or v-shaped necklaces

-Avoid angular necklaces or ones that hang  low and wide over your chest, (especially if they hit just below the bust)

-Dark waisted belt

-Avoid wide belts and belts that sit at hip

 how to dress for an hourglass shaped figure

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What is a rectangle figure?

rectangle body shape


- equal bust, waist and hip measurements

 -lack of curves makes the body appear like a column or a rectangle.

-rectangles tend to be tall and lean.

-An undefined waist


How should I dress for a rectangle figure?

The upper and lower parts of the rectangle body are well-proportioned and create a balanced silhouette. The focus of this body shape should be on defining the waist by breaking up the rectangle. This means breaking up the straight silhouette to create curves from the waist up and down. Sleeves can really help you add curvature to a rectangle body- by adding interest and volume to the upper or lower body - depending on the sleeve length.


Clothing suggestions for a rectangle:


-Wear darker colors around your waist area - such as a dark belt or waist band, and -wear bright colors on your upper and lower body.

-define the waist with belts or nipped in garments

-round necklines - such as scoop or jewel necklines, are excellent choices.

-embellished, rolled-up, cuffed or loose and wide sleeves, as well as flared, princess, puff or flutter sleeves.

-‍Avoid shapeless, fitted sleeve styles 

-Avoid tops that end at the waist or embellish it



-Wear high waisted bottoms

-Opt for fitted styles



-create some curves-wear well structured dresses

-Avoid shapeless, oversized, or too large dresses.


How to dress for a rectangle figure

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Inverted Triangle




What is an Inverted Triangle?

inverted triangle body shape


-opposite of a pear shape 

-wider shoulders and/or bust 

-slimmer hips and thighs. 

-Shoulders are noticeably wider than the hip-line

-Little to no waist definition

-Hips look straight and flat compared to broad shoulders

-sporty and athletic physique


How should I dress for an inverted triangle?

Aim to balance the broader shoulders, chest and back with the narrower lower body to create a balanced silhouette. You can achieve this by choosing clothes that add curves to the hips and bottom while creating a more defined waist and de-emphasizing the upper bod. Your goal should be to minimize your upper body and draw attention to bottom of body which is your slimmer part. Soften the broad shoulder line with soft, draping, and weighty fabrics.


Clothing suggestions for a inverted triangle:


-Avoid wide necklines that broaden the shoulders and other strong shoulder details (eg shoulder pads), use v shaped or u shaped necklines instead. 

-Simple solid dark colored tops, no details or clutter on tops

 -Create the illusion of a waist with waist detail

 -dolman and peplum tops are great



-Select clothes that add volume to the lower body to widen the hips

-bright and light colored bottoms

-Keep away from skinny and tight bottoms  as well as narrowing hemlines that visually reduce the lower body



-Dresses that are darker colored on top and lighter on bottom

-Dress with smaller tops and more voluminous bottoms



-Big rings or bracelet  will pull attention away from shoulders 

-Long necklaces or long pendants to draw attention away from shoulders downwards

How to dress for an inverted triangle figure 

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So! There you have it- a guideline for every body type, we do hope you found yours-and will use those epic tips to dress in the most flattering way possible going forward. Our goal is to make you look and feel amazing at all times. So go ahead, use your newfound knowledge to your advantage- make your life so much easier and so much chicer-just like that!

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