The Modest Travelers’ Clothing  Guide

 Not sure what to pack for your upcoming getaway? Read on!

You’re setting out on an adventure- you like to dress modest- you like to have fun. You like to live it up. You like to look good while doing all that. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Find the coolest travel options right here. Blank has got you covered - literally;). Wether you’re headed to the Sahara or the Sea - watch us pack our suitcase with the Blank necessities you and your travel bug will simply love. You’ll find yourself reaching for them all the time, relishing their chic comfort and ease.

Here’s to no more wondering what to pack, or guessing games as to which clothes will work when. Just read on and find links to all your travel clothing dilemmas. 


Let’s start with how you’ll be getting there…

Are you flying?  Road tripping in the car? 

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Whichever way, you’ll want to look pretty, but you’ll also want to be enveloped in delicious comfort as you'll be sitting for a while… 

We’ve got you, girl. Our Maxi Sweatshirt Dress  is super comfy and flattering at once, and you definitely won’t have to trade comfort for beauty. It's available in the cutest colors, make sure to get one in each, you won’t regret that! Another few comfy ride options are the Solid Flair Jumper  paired with the Two-Way-Top  or the Double Rib Zipper Dress both of those will keep you superbly stylish- while keeping you pleasantly comfy. And of course, you just can’t go wrong with the Duo Henley Maxi or  our amazing new Solid Skirt Leggings- paired with Unlimited Graphic Tee-after all your on vacay-and your horizons are unlimited!



As for your destination? 

Is it a glorious place that involves hot weather and sunshine?

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If that’s where you’re headed to- you’re best off packing some cotton, comfortable clothes, because cotton will keep you dry and cool. Here at Blank we have the perfect cotton lightweight separates and dresses that are flattering and beautiful as well. 

Try, for example, the Two-Way Tee or the  Solid Gather Sleeve Dolman with the Solid  Skirt Legging any of those will keep you dry and cool,  and fashionable simultaneously. Now who doesn’t want that? Its a win-win. For another win-win option, try the sophisticated White Minimalist Graphic Tee with the Ruched Flair Skirt - you'll feel crisp and look incredible - with the greatest ease. White clothes also ensure less heat, since light clothing attracts less sun rays. So you'll enjoy your vacation sweat-free and smile-full, in utmost convenience- on us. (Your welcome;))


Is it a beach vacay you’ve got your sights on?

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Well you’ve come to the perfect place. Bring on the beachy vibes with our easy, flowy and multitasking  Gauze Pocket Dress it’ll work double duty as a chic  cover up, and a stylish dress. Another must-have for beach travel? This season’s fabulous Terry Dress - it’ll take you from the beach to the hotel to lounge time, all the while keeping you dry, comfy and oh-so-chic looking. For more beachy goodness, make sure to pack the Adjust Tie Dressthe comfortable material and easily adjustable length will keep your dress dry and clean on different beachy terrains. 



Heading to a city or town to sightsee?

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Well worry not- we’ve got options for that sorta jaunt too! Try taking along the beautiful Peach Patchwork Dress, it’s easy on, and a complete showstopper. An instant outfit that’s beautiful and the absolute perfect dress for summer sightseeing. Wanna feel like a million walking down that block? Wear our Snake Tee  with any bottom, and you're sure to turn heads.  Going out at night? Throw on the gorgeous Printed Tie Skirt with the Ribbed Dolman TeeI for a sophisticated yet easy ensemble

Oh- and do not leave anywhere, city or otherwise, without the most versatile  Tie Crop Cardi Our gorgeous play-up or play-down  cardi, is available in the most beautiful array of colors, and is so perfect to throw over any dress or tank, instantly adding  touch of modesty, sun protection, and/or light warmth on summery nights. All of that, while packing an elegant punch that can’t be missed.

Wear it over the fantastic Solid Flair Jumper  available in a gorgeous coordinating array of  colors- for instant outfit perfection and versatility. 


Does your destination include lots of outdoor action?

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Are you the fun loving type, willing to try something adventurous? For fun-filled outings ranging from hiking or biking to kayaking and beyond make sure to pack our Ribbed Leggings with either the Ribbed Zipper Dress or the Solid Tie Round Dress  over it. Pair with The Simply Better Cap and your favorite sneaks, and you’ll look and feel adventure ready- and awesome. 

The Keep It Simple Graphic Tee is also perfect for the outdoors, combining simplicity with style, and comfort with artsy fashion. 

Wherever your travels take you this season- we've got the perfect outfit solution for you- our traveling gal pal… just follow the above links and fill your suitcase pronto, no hassle, no fuss. Just fun, fashion and forays into the blue!!


Bon voyage, 

 The Blank Team

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