Why Every Woman must have Basics in her Closet


It's a classic scene: You're heading somewhere, but you find yourself wailing in despair-"I have literally nothing to wear!!!"- (while standing in a closet that's overloaded, and bursting at its seams!)

Your exasperated  partner goes, "How could you NOT have what to wear? There's like a thousand things in here!"

And he's kinda right, let's not kid ourselves.

Logic says, you should be able to find something in that massive trove of clothes! Right?

But you can't. So What's the problem here? So many clothes, but no complete outfit... 

Well, today's your lucky day, pal! I'll tell you what you're missin! You're missing the glue!

What is the glue you ask? Ew, like who wants sticky glue all over their closet! Well, no, let me clarify. The 'glue' is just a term I'm using for …THE BASIC!

The basic is a simple piece in your closet, simple but mighty! It keeps the other random pieces together, like glue. 

Just like that easygoing best friend of yours, the basics in your closet will no doubt be there for you in a pinch and have your back at all times. Yay! Like who doesn't want that? Well, lucky for you, we at Blank love producing perfect 'glue'- aka Basic, pieces.

These basics are:

Simple yet powerful.

Understated yet useful.

Classic yet versatile. 

Basically, (pun intended!) basics are neutral pieces that serve as the glue to hold so many other random, lonely pieces of clothing in your closet  together- to  create a smashing outfit!

Any gal who values style, must have Basics in her closet.Having the right basics can help you go from nada to wear- to a gazillion options!

Take for example, our  simple black rib turtleneck. It can be paired with almost anything, from bottoms to tops, accessories and shoes. One top, 5 outfits, voila!!

Here goes outfit #1:


click to expand

Here goes outfit # 2:



Here goes outfit # 3:


Here goes outfit # 4:


5-Cream Sweater V Cardi over the black turtleneck tee, paired with your go to sneakers such as this amazing Goat ones.  A lovely fun, classic yet on trend ensemble.

One skirt, one top, two outfits right there!


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