Black Back Slit Denim Skirt


Back Slit Denim Skirt

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and with stretch denim fabric, Our Back Slit Denim Skirt prioritizes comfort and functionality, ensuring that wearers can move with ease while exuding confidence and poise. The soft, durable denim fabric provides a comfortable feel against the skin, allowing for all-day wear without sacrificing style.

An essential to your everyday wardrobe.

Front Pockets

Back Pockets

Stretch Denim

Elastic Waistband

Button Closure

Back Slit Hem

Invisible Front Zipper Closure

Hand Wash

Model is approximately 5'10" wearing Size S

*Just an FYI: because we make our clothes by hand, each piece might be slightly different from the picture. Sizes might also vary for each item so remember to check the measurements.

65% Cotton

33% Polyester

2% Spandex

Waist Length
XS  23" 37 1/2"
S 27" 39 1/2"
M 31" 40"
L 32" 40"
XL 36" 40 1/2"
XXL 39" 40 1/2"