Brown Crinkle Skirt


Crinkle Silk Skirt

Crafted from softest, finest silk, this Crinkle Silk Skirt is truly indulgent. Soft and comfortable to the touch, this is perfect for any occasion. With its elegant flow and touch of glamour, you'll be sure to turn heads. Pair this with our Balloon Sleeve Blouse for a chic ensemble that radiates elegance and sophistication. 

Basic Necessity

High Rise

Elastic Waistband 

Hand Wash

*Just an FYI: because we make our clothes by hand, each piece might be slightly different from the picture. Sizes might also vary for each item so remember to check the measurements. 

73% Polyester

27% Nylon

Waist Length
XS 26 1/2" 33 7/8"
S 28 1/2" 34 1/4"
M 30 1/2" 34 5/8"
L 32 1/2" 35"
XL 34 1/2"  35 3/4"